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Click the below link to enter the secure HOA Login Page. Please remember to close the secure site window after logging out to ensure your session is closed out.

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(Use this link for 2016 and subsequent member statements)

(IF you are a Board Member, please use this link for BOD related information)

Monthly Statements are posted to the NOTES Tab in the New Owner Portal. If you need to update your tax reporting information, you will need to submit an updated W-9 to your property manager. 33rd Company® typically publishes monthly statements to the owner portal on the 1st of each month or during next business day if this falls on a weekend or Federal Holiday. EFT/ACH debits are Account balance reconciliations (credits and debits) are typically posted on the due date for your specific Association. Any statement errors should be brought to the attention of your property manager within 30 days from the date of the statement.

Below are some troubleshooting tips for Browser or Firewall issues that may prevent you from using your Member portal:

Enable Cookies:

Internet Explorer / Safari / Mozilla

  • Change settings to allow cookies.

Allow Firewall access

Firewall Access

  • Change security settings to allow access to the secure portal.

** If you are having a problem opening *.PDF files in your account, or get a message stating that "File cannot be found" in adobe acrobat, try updating your Internet Explorer to version 11.0, or alternately try upgrading to the current version of adobe acrobat.

Additional Troubleshooting

If you have previously been successful in logging on, but now cannot access your Owner folder, you may need to delete the existing cookies saved on your PC. This may be a result if you log in from multiple computers, or have changed your password using a different computer. To delete existing cookies, please perform the following:

In the Menu bar, select:

  • Tools > Internet Options > General tab

  • Under Browsing History, Select Delete

  • Select Delete Cookies

For all other log-in issues, please contact your Property Manager.


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