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HOA Maintenance
  • Emergency Defined

    Any circumstance that has threatened the health/safety of the residences and/or has compromised the structural integrity of the property.

    Emergency Examples
    Fire, tree blown on the roof, flooding from ground water or roof leak, gas odors, broken water pipes.

    If the emergency is life-threatening, call 911 immediately!

    If you smell gas or have a Carbon Monoxide Detector is sounding, Turn off the Gas Shut-Off to the utilities, open the windows, and contact your Gas company emergency line.

    For all other Emergencies, please contact us at: (651) 777-5500 option 3, and then press 0 when prompted for our 24 hour emergency line.

    We will attempt to respond immediately to emergency requests.

  • Urgent Issues (non-Emergency)

    • Delayed snow plowing service
    • Delayed trash removal service
    • Car towed due to parking violation
    • Disputes between neighbors
    • We will do everything we can to facilitate solutions for a variety of issues with our vendors on an as-available basis. Please follow the Non-Emergency Maintenance Procedures described below.

      We will attempt to provide same day response to urgent issue requests.

  • Non-urgent / Routine Issues

    It is the policy of 33rd Company® that all non-emergency maintenance requests be processed in writing through our online Maintenance Request form to the right. If you are unable to successfully submit an on-line Maintenance Request you may alternatively call 651-777-5500, ext.123; however, for the fastest service, please follow the steps below:

    • Fill out the required fields on the form to the right.
    • Describe the maintenance request in detail and upload photos.
    • Once your request is submitted you will receive:
      • An initial confirmation email
      • An email with detailed instructions to expedite your request
      • Contact information for setting a Service Call appointment

    We will attempt to provide responses within 1 business day for to non-urgent issue requests.

  • Service Details and Limitations

    1. Availability of contractors will dictate our response time. For example, weekends, holidays and extreme weather conditions can delay repair services.
    2. Large repair efforts may require that we get additional estimates, or require multiple vendors, estimates, or track down parts.
    3. You will be responsible for interior of your property – refer to your Association Bylaws for details.
  • Maintenance Request Agreement

    Missed Appointment Charge
    If you schedule an appointment with a contractor and fail to show up, you will be responsible for their trip charge.

    Maintenance Charge Backs
    33rd Company® is responsible for repairs as defined in the Association Bylaws. Occasionally, residents cause damage accidentally, by misuse or abuse. If the maintenance contractor reports to 33rd Company® that the damage was not caused by normal use, we will charge the repair back to you and is subject to a coordination fee (minimum of $25).

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