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HOA Testimonials

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33rd Company® is pleased to share some of our many reviews and feedback we have received from our valued HOA clients. We manage with a passion, and truly believe that Better Management does lead to Better Results!

"I sent an email to Adam less than one hour ago regarding a resident that has 3rd floor leak concerns, and Adam is already at the resident’s unit! Adam gives it his all, and he works all hours of the day and night for us. I am so thankful we made the right choice when we voted on 33rd Company! We hit the jackpot! Thank you, Adam, so much, for all of your hard work! It shows around here."
- Debbie / Board of Directors

"My Townhome Association was unhappy with their previous property management company, and decided it was time to switch management companies. They researched numerous management companies, and with a skilled community manager they were able to transition away from their previous management company to 33rd Company in the most professional way possible. 33rd Company worked with my Townhome Association to make sure that the transition didn’t “hit the books” overly hard, and made sure that the transition was a painless as possible for the homeowners. Immediately, 33rd went to work to clear up any “lingering” transparency issues and to remedy any lingering issues from the previous management company. The addition of an online web portal where the board and members could access billing and association documents also added greatly to the level of transparency my Townhome Association was looking for."
- Justin

"When 33rd Company started managing my HOA they have reduced the delinquents by over half, the maintenance projects are on-track, and the operating and reserve accounts are being built back up."
- Sara

"When the Board unanimously voted to hire 33rd Company as the HOA management company, 33rd Company immediately helped with state required filings that the previous management ignored. Today, collections are under control with minimal delinquencies and no more large-debt write offs. The complex grounds have improved and the Board has contracted a Reserve study to keep them on the right path into the future. One Board Member stated, “We certainly are not issue-free, but now we have a professional management company we can look to for guidance and solutions."

- Nancy

33rd Company® would like to share our passion for property management, and be YOUR advocate! Please contact us today to set up a free no obligation consultation. We will be happy to show you what we can do for your Minnesota Home Owner Association.



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