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Should You Join Your Home Owner Association (HOA) Board of Directors? Community Property Management Advice in Twin Cities, MN

Tom Sedlack - Monday, February 22, 2016


Investment property that’s part of an HOA is governed by the rules and regulations of that association. This alone is a good reason to participate in your HOA’s board of directors, and there are a few other reasons why it’s a good idea to volunteer on your HOA board.

Board Involvement

It’s good business to become involved in the board that makes decisions which affect your property. When you’re involved in the decision making process that includes your townhome, you have the opportunity to influence the way the rules are written and the guidelines are composed.

Financial Success

When you are part of the board, you also have the responsibility for ensuring the financial success of your HOA. This has a direct impact on the financial success of your property, so taking part is a wise investment strategy.

Social Responsibility 

You will need to attend regularly scheduled meetings, but not so often that they take up all your time. Giving back to community will make you feel good, and when you choose to give up a few hours every month volunteering in this capacity; you’ll be able to learn about your HOA and the parliamentary procedures that are involved in its management. You’ll also experience social benefits, where you are able to meet all your neighbors and discuss their hopes for your shared community.

For more information on how Twin Cities Minnesota HOA boards work and why you might want to be a part of your board, contact us at 33rd Company Minnesota.


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