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Renter FAQs

  • How do I report a maintenance item?

    If you need maintenance in your rental home, please contact the 33rd Company® Property Management using our tenant maintenance request form. Maintenance requests go straight to our Service desk team, and are handled on an emergency / non-emergency basis.

    Submit Online Maintenance Request

    If you have trouble using our automated service request form, you can also call our office at (651) 777.5500, option 3 to report the problem.

    ***For police or fire emergencies, dial 911 before calling 33rd Company® Property Management. For Gas Leaks, please leave the home immediately, and contact your power company, and 33rd Company® Property Management. Your gas company will typically visit the home within 1 hour to identify and correct gas leaks.

  • Do I need pre-approval to paint the home or make other changes?

    Yes. If you are interested in painting or changing colors, or installing any interior or exterior fixtures, per your Lease agreement you must first obtain written authorization from the 33rd Company, Inc. before such changes will be allowed.
  • What information about the home and community do you provide Renters?

    Each Rental home comes with a comprehensive Rental Binder containing information on how to turn on utilities, maintenance requests, and emergency contact information. Community information links are found on our website. You will always have someone available at 33rd Company to assist you as you relocate into your new community.
  • Can I install cable or satellite TV at the property if not already installed?

    Generally yes. However, you must first obtain written permission from 33rd company® Property Management if there is no pre-existing cable or satellite equipment at the property. At some units you may be prohibited from installing a satellite dish in any location where the dish is visible from the ground or from any other unit in the area (i.e Association restrictions). Installations shall be done by a professional, and any cost of installation is an expense of the tenant. Any damages to the property caused by the installation will be the responsibility of the tenant. All completed installations shall be permanent and will remain with the property after the end of the Lease.
  • Can I install extra telephone lines?

    Generally yes. However, you must also obtain written permission from 33rd Company® Property Management to do this. All costs of installing extra phone lines are the responsibility of the tenant as well as any damages caused by the installation.
  • What are my responsibilities if my company transfers me before the end of the lease?

    Most leases are for a set period of time (fixed term). If you are transferred, ask your company what assistance they will provide if you need to "break a lease". Let your property manager know what is happening as soon as possible so 33rd Company® Property Management can begin marketing the property for a replacement tenant. Generally, the tenant breaking the lease will be responsible for re-leasing fees, advertising, turn-over costs, and any rent differences between the existing and new rent for the remainder of the original lease. We understand that events such as this can occur, and we will work with you to resolve your lease obligations as quickly as possible.

    If you are in the military, you should provide a copy of your orders to your property manager, as there may be applicable laws that in some cases may permit you to break a lease. We can add military clauses into leases if requested before signing the lease that allow transferred personnel flexibility for PCS relocations.

  • Can I sub-lease the property? Or use the property in my business?

    No. The lease agreement clearly states that the resident shall not sublet any portion of the property or assign the agreement without written consent from 33rd Company® Property Management. You may not operate a business out of your rental home (including but not limited to providing daycare services, sales, business storage, or other non-residential business activities).

  • Can I rent a steam cleaner and clean the carpets myself when I move out?

    No. Your rental agreement and rental discount provides that all carpets must be professionally cleaned using a company approved by 33rd company® Property Management.
  • Can I get a pet after move-in?

    Pets must be authorized by separate Pet agreement. You will need to contact your property manager and obtain written permission for a pet. There is typically a pet deposit that is required, and the size and type of pet is subject to owner approval. The following pet breeds will not be accepted: AKITAS, AMERICAN PIT BULL TERRIER, AMERICAN STAFFORSHIRE TERRIER, CHOWS, DOBERMAN PINSCHERS, MIXED WOLF BREEDS, PIT BULLS, PRESA CANARIO, ROTTWEILERS. We also do not allow PUPPIES AND KITTENS LESS THAN 1 YEAR OLD. Other pet restrictions may apply and are subject to change at any time.
  • When and how should I give my notice to vacate?

    It is important to refer to your lease for the specific terms in your own residential agreement. In most leases, notice to vacate must be received in the 33rd Company® Property Management office in writing on or before the 1st of the month. Leases typically require a minimum 60 day notice, including Leases that have transitioned into a month-to-month status. So if you are planning on moving at the end of your lease on 31 September, you will need to provide notification no later than 31 July. Notices received during a month, will be considered received at the end of a calendar month.
  • What happens if my roommate moves out or I want to add a roommate before the end of the lease?

    If your roommate moves out, a written notice needs to be submitted to 33rd Company® Property Management. Remember that adult tenants are jointly and singularly liable to ensure that the full rent is paid. You must have written permission from 33rd Company® Property Management to substitute a roommate. It is not the responsibility of 33rd Company® Property Management to arbitrate or mediate problems with multiple tenant situations.) Only approved residents can occupy the rental property as a residence. A departing roommate will still be responsible under the lease unless released from this obligation in writing by 33rd Company® Property Management.

    If you want to add someone to the lease, the individual must complete a rental application and be successfully screened before moving into the property. There is an application fee of $45 per adult, and a lease amendment fee of $250 for coordinating and administratively amending the lease to add a roommate.

  • What happens to the disposition of a roommate's security deposit after move-out?

    Security deposits are collected as "security" for the property. Reimbursements to departing roommates are handled by the remaining tenants. No portion of the security deposit will be refunded individually by 33rd Company® Property Management. All security deposits will be dispersed only at the end of the tenancy.
  • What are the move-in/move-out and monthly administrative fees for?

    33rd Company charges a $5 per month administrative and accounting fee that shall be applied and collected with each month’s rent debit to cover the cost of recording monthly rental payments. Each year, tenants will receive an annual MN CRP summary (Certificate of Rents Paid). 33rd Company charges a one-time $100 Administrative fee (assessed per property) which is due at check-in to cover the normal Move-in and Move-out administrative processing for the property. This fee only covers the administrative costs associated with documenting the check-in/check-out process, and does not cover any damages or cleaning or other costs that are the responsibility of the tenant.
  • When is Rent Due?

    Rent payments are due and collected on the first of the month. ACH/EFT rent debits are posted automatically each month as required in your lease agreement. If your ACH rent debit is returned by your bank, or your rent payment is not otherwise received in our office by the first day of the month, your rent will be annotated as "Late", and a notification will be sent to you. Late fees will apply for rents not received by the 5th of the month. For ACH/EFT returns, an NSF fee will be applied to your account, and a second attempt will be made to process the rent transaction with your bank on the 5th of the month so that you are afforded an opportunity to avoid a late fee. Late payments becomes part of your rental payment history, which can follow you as you move to a new location, or purchase a property. Without prompt communication with your property manager after a "Late" payment, an eviction process could commence at any time. The tenant will be held responsible for all Eviction, court filing, attorney, and collection costs resulting from late payments.
  • I am an excellent resident and take good care of the home. Can you waive my late charges?

    No. 33rd Company® Property Management does not waive late charges. Fair Housing laws and good business ethics require that we treat all of our residents equally. 33rd Company® Property Management does not decide if one resident is more deserving than another of paying late charges. We enforce late charges equally across the board.
  • Can I be charged for maintenance at the property?

    Yes, if resident damage or neglect causes the maintenance problem, you will be charged for it. Also, you can be billed for a service call if you miss a scheduled appointment with one of our maintenance contractors. For your protection, we perform a walk-thru inspection with you on move-in day, and provide you with a signed comprehensive move-in checklist that documents any existing discrepancies in the home.
  • Should I call you if we had an accident and know it was our fault?

    Absolutely! We have very affordable and professional contractors that can fix anything and at volume discount rates. We can help you avoid emergency repair costs, and can find the most affordable repair for you to minimize the impact of an honest oops! We appreciate your honesty in reporting the issue, and will reciprocate with honest low cost repairs or cleaning that gets you back on track.
  • Where can I find more information on my rental Property and/or Landlord Tenant laws for the State of Minnesota?

    Please refer to your Lease for specific questions regarding your obligations while you are in possession of the property. Also see Landlord-Tenant Laws for the State of Minnesota. We fully support the laws and statutes of Minnesota, and have posted these links for your benefit. 
  • What if the Owner does not make the mortgage payments and the house gets foreclosed?

    Recent Federal Legislation allows existing tenants to remain in their rental homes during the unlikely event that an occupied rental home goes into a foreclosure process. Under TITLE VII--PROTECTING TENANTS AT FORECLOSURE ACT, all of the obligations of the pre-existing lease remain active, and tenants can generally remain in the homes through the end of the pre-existing lease agreement. Minnesota has subsequently enacted revised State Statutes addressing foreclosure during active tenancies. (See Minnesota Foreclosure Law).


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