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Why Use Our Agents to Sell your Home

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Not all agents are the same; here is how our 33rd Company® Residential Brokerage Agent will help you.

  • We save you money - Our Selling Agents are experienced real estate professionals and have years of expertise in all aspects of real estate. This experience will save you money when buying, and selling your next property. We are experts when it comes to marketing and negotiating real estate in Minnesota for our clients. It is this advice and experience that will help to ensure that your next purchase or sale is successful. Our Professional Agents are specialists in the communities we serve throughout the Greater Twin Cities area.
  • We save you time - Our Agents use the latest technology to help you with your real estate needs throughout Minnesota. Our technology allows us to keep you abreast of the latest opportunities in the marketplace. Our Advisors are committed to saving you time by handling all the details of your transaction from the initial consultation through closing.
  • Experience - Our Agents have years of experience. It is this experience, dedication and commitment that make us successful. This experience not only ensures a smooth transaction, it allows our clients to network through their connections to meet the needs of our clients. From e-PRO® to CDPE® certified Agents, our extensive knowledge and experience will maximize your Selling possibilities.
  • We give you more access. Our Agents are all members of the Minnesota Association of Realtors as well as the National Association of Realtors. This access gives our Agents the most comprehensive platform to network when marketing a property for our clients. As full-time professionals with years of experience, our clients benefit from the extensive personal marketing and networking that our Agents provide. This combination of formal access to properties, along with personal networking provides the highest level of access and results for our clients.
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