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HOA Maintenance
  • Emergency Examples

    Any circumstance that has threatened the health/safety of the residences and/or has compromised the structural integrity of tlte property.

    Fire, tree blown on the roof, flooding, sewage back up, gas odors, broken water pipes, electrical arcing/sparking/or electrical fire or other serious issue, furnace out (if in winter).

    If the emergency is life-threatening, call 911 immediately!

    If you smell gas or have a Carbon Monoxide Detector is sounding, Turn off the Gas Shut-Off to the utilities, open the windows, and contact your Gas company emergency line.

    For all other Emergencies, please contact us at (651) 777-5500 option 1, then follow the prompts to submit an emergency maintenance request.

  • The Following are NOT Emergencies

    • Appliance outages
    • Air conditioner failure
    • Locking yourself out of the property
    • Garage door failure

    While we will do everything we can to facilitate the fastest repairs possible, non-emergency repairs are scheduled with our vendors on an as-available basis.

  • Non-Emergency Maintenance Procedures

    It is the policy of 33rd Company® that all non-emergency maintenance requests be processed in writing through our online Maintenance Request form to the right. If you are unable to successfully submit an on-line Maintenance Request you may alternatively call 651-777-5500, option 3; however, for the fastest service, please follow the steps below:

    • Fill out the required fields on the form to the right.
    • Describe the maintenance request in detail and upload photos.
    • Once your request is submitted you will receive:
      • An initial confirmation email
      • An email with detailed instructions to expedite your request
      • Contact information for setting a Service Call appointment
  • Service Details and Limitations

    • Availability of contractors will dictate our response time. For example, weekends, holidays and extreme weather conditions can delay repair services.
    • Do not expect cosmetic corrections.
    • Large repair efforts may require that we get additional estimates, or require multiple vendors, estimates, or track down parts.
    • You will be responsible for:
      • Missed appointments. The cost of a trip charge if you schedule an appointment and fail to show up
      • The cost of repairs outside of normal wear and tear.
      • The cost for clearing plumbing obstructions (i.e. clogged drains and toilets).
      • The cost of repairing a furnace that failed due to neglecting to change the furnace filter each month.
      • The cost to repair a water softener that failed due to running without salt.
      • Failure to pay these charges could cause a default on your lease agreement.
    • Scheduled Maintenance - The property may require City Licensing Inspections, corresponding repairs, seasonal maintenance, outside appraisals or property reviews. Every effort will be made to give you at least 24 hours advanced notice of the visit, a window of time and arrangement instructions for accessing the property.
  • Maintenance Request Agreement

    Missed Appointment Charge
    If you schedule an appointment with a contractor and fail to show up, you will be responsible for their trip charge.

    Maintenance Charge Backs
    33rd Company® is responsible for repairing or replacing items broken by normal use. Occasionally, residents cause damage by accident, misuse or abuse. If the maintenance contractor reports to 33rd Company® that the damage was not caused by normal us, we will charge the repair back to you. Failure to pay for these charges could cause default of your lease. ** Charges to the tenant for any of the above will also incur a mark-up of 10% (minimum of $25) from 33rd Company® for coordinating the services.

    Scheduled Maintenance
    Some owners have requested that 33rd Company® perform certain services on the property automatically in order to keep it in good condition. These services may be done with little or no notice to you. For instance: fall and spring landscaping, gutter cleaning, HVAC service, termite inspections, etc. City License Inspections may also be scheduled as required. If these services require contractors to enter the property, every effort will be made to set an appointment with you at least 24 hours in advance of the visit.




A $50 fee will be assessed, in addition to minimum charges from a vendor, if any of the followings occur:

  • A tenant who makes an appointment, but fails to be at the property during the scheduled time.
  • The key to the property does not work due to changing of the locks by the tenant.
  • There is an underage child (17 or under) unattended at the property.
  • An unrestrained dog is at the property.


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