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Tom Sedlack - Sunday, April 26, 2015

Marketing Rental Homes in Minnesota

For rental property owners in Minnesota, and throughout the Minnesota metro area, one thing is clear: A vacant home produces no cash flow. At our top-rated property management company, our highest priority is marketing your home effectively and providing rock-solid leases that work to keep your rental home occupied at the right price and by responsible tenants. Our marketing, tenant screening and landlord-friendly leases are all designed to help you avoid costly vacancies and keep your cash flow steady. Many factors go into every step of our marketing and leasing process to accomplish those goals.

As Minnesota’s leading residential property management company, our clients get the benefit of one of the most effective marketing system for rental homes available anywhere. Once you list your home with us, we create a detailed, illustrated rental brochure for your home and then use an automated, syndicated feed to post it on several hundred websites that are actively searched by people looking for homes to rent. Once your home is listed, it’s visible to tens of thousands of potential renters. That industry leading advertising is designed to get your home rented as quickly as possible. Getting positive cash flow for you is our goal.


Marketing Your Home Effective at the Right Price Is the Key to Success

One of the key factors in the time required to rent a home is the rental price. It’s extremely difficult for individual property owners to determine the right price to ask for their homes. Our experienced property managers research Minnesota area homes like yours and assist you in setting a rental price range that is competitive in this complex market. Then, we monitor your Internet advertising closely, using integrated Google Analytics data. That lets us see how many people view your ad, and how many click through to view your home’s brochure. We study this information carefully, and provide you with a weekly report showing all of the activity.

Why is that important? By tracking Internet activity, we can see whether the rental price for your home is right for the market. For example, if 300 people view your ad, but only a few people take the time to view and read the brochure, and nobody calls about your home or applies to rent it, we know that the rental price may be too high. A simple, small price adjustment may be needed to make the home more attractive. We’ll discuss that with you and work with you to do everything we can to get your home rented quickly.

Price is a key factor in home rentals, and a rental price that is set too high can result in a home lingering on the rental market, with no potential tenants seriously interested in it. A vacant rental home produces no income. We work to find the ideal rental price for every home. Our long experience and analytical approach is why our property management company in Minnesota has such a great record of success with our clients.


Great Leases Give You the Professional KC Property Management Edge

Our highly effective marketing strategies are proven to find qualified potential tenants for your property. Then, our careful, thorough tenant screening process assures you that applicants we refer to you are reliable, capable of paying rent regularly and responsible people who will take good care of your property. There’s just one more thing that’s needed to complete the process: a rock-solid lease that helps assure you that the tenant who leases your home rents it for the long term. Vacancies are the most costly expense factor for residential rental property owners.

At our Minnesota area property management services company, our leases are structured to protect your property assets and cash flow. Our core lease is a nationally recognized Multi Housing Association lease that has been used for over 40 years. One of the most landlord-friendly leases in the nation, and written in plain language, it satisfies all state and federal requirements. In our experience, our leases have never been successfully challenged in court.

Our lease also includes an addendum containing residential building rules. This addendum takes the guesswork out of specific issues like lawn care, furnace filters, and much, much more, including these requirements:

  • Our leased homes are smoke-free.
  • Tenants are responsible for all consumables, like filters, light bulbs, etc., along with drain clogs.
  • Tenants are responsible for carpet cleaning, yard care and snow & ice removal. Our rental rates reflect a discount for these responsibilities.
  • Rental payments are made through automatic ACH / EFT debit payments.
  • Tenants must carry rental insurance to protect their personal property.
  • Tenants must comply with all HOA / CIC rules and by-laws.
  • Parking restrictions prevent more than two vehicles in front of the home, along with other restrictions to preserve friendly neighborhood relations.
  • Tenants may not alter or paint your property without prior consent from you.
  • Tenants communicate only through our property management company. Your privacy is assured. Your name does not appear on the lease.
  • Tenants also sign a crime-free and drug-free addendum as part of the lease.
  • We custom-tailor each lease to match your requirements, in keeping with all applicable fair housing laws.

All residential property requires occasional maintenance. One of the primary benefits of hiring a professional property management company in Minnesota is that you don’t have to deal with maintenance issues. Our network of reliable, experienced maintenance vendors provides cost-effective maintenance services at rates that are lower than you’ll find on your own, due to our volume discounts. Best of all, we handle everything. Tenants can report maintenance issues online or by telephone. You’ll never get a midnight phone call from a tenant. Fast, affordable, responsive maintenance services are a high priority for us.


Full Service Property Management Company – Minnesota, MO & KS

At 33rd Company, each of our clients receives dedicated attention. Whether you’re renting out a single home or have a portfolio of residential rental properties, you can count on us to provide complete property management services, all designed to keep your property rented by responsible, reliable tenants. From our marketing efforts to our owner-friendly leases, hiring our experienced property managers to handle your rental properties is your best assurance of steady cash flow and trouble-free rental property ownership. Contact us today to get started and to discuss any residential property management need in the Minnesota area.


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